Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A Hard Week

Well what can i say? It's been a hard and very loooong week. I was ill at the beginning of last week with whatever it is that is going around everywhere atm. I'd fought for 3 weeks to not catch it and then woke up one morning to find that it had a different idea to me lol. I also struggled with dancing at college to the point where i worked myself up into a state. Why is it that we always worry about things so much that you can't see anything for the elephant in the room (always wanted to use that phrase, i love it lol). Fortunately i have great parents and a brilliant partner who sorted things out for me so i now have a new attack when it comes to dancing. It also helps that i'm more flexible now and can touch my knees with my nose... just in case they might smell =D I did a few more cards whilst i was off ill. Always helps to distract me when i feel poo so the rabbit was locked out of the room once more (not long till i get my study!!!) to stop her eating the blanket wrapped around me and the card embellishments. She gets just as excited as me when it's card making time but i feel it's for different reasons.....

These are the only three cards i made. I made them as a rough idea of the kind of xmas cards i want to do. I have some embellishments for doing blue xmas cards as well so i will try them out at some point. I found with theses cards that it felt like something was missing and it took me ages to work it out. In one case it was just the addition of some gold swirls and changing it from landscape to portrait. Took about an hour to figure that out though lol!

I also finished 3 cross stitches this week. They're only small but it was nice to get some done.

This was a free kit off one of the cross stitching magazines i get. It took me ages to do it simply because most of the colours on the teddy are very a like. It made it really hard to know where i'd stitched and if i'd used the right colour. It only started to look good once i'd finished the backstitch which is when i decided i loved it lol. Its now going to be put in a little frame and hung on my 1st xmas tree in my flat when it gets round to that time of year.

These two were from mouseloft stitchlets range. I love doing them because they're so cute and they barely take anytime. I sent the mouse one to my grannymudder (grandma to normal people) because she's been unwell recently so i wanted her to know i was thinking of her. The japanese house i did just because i had some time to kill. Not sure what to do with it yet. They were my last two that i had from this range though so it means on saturday i'll have to make a trip to my craft shop to get some more in......such a shame lol.

I'm not sure what to start stitching next out of my kit box. I know i'm going to stitch a card for my cousin who just had twins and i want to start some halloween stitching but i need to wait till i can get to my craft shop to get in the threads i need. I'm not sure whether to start on the policeman (a present for my dad shhhh), Eeyore, a pressie for my mum (dont ask me what it is mum, i know you read this, you wont find me mentioning it on here lol) or a sarah kay design called the first kiss. Any help would be greatly received.

I hope everyone is ok and your lives are all going well. Until next time xxxxx

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Busy Busy Busy


It's been another busy week at college so not had any time to cross stitch but i did make some Halloween invites for a dvd Halloween party I'm having at the end of October.

The haunted house has windows and do
ors that flap open and have ghosts etc behind them. The pumpkin's mouth was fiddly with a knife but was worth it. I think my favourite is the witch though. It was the easiest as well lol. Kirk prefers the haunter house though because of the hidden ghouls.

The only other card i made this week was just an experiment. You can't see it in the photo but the background is stamped with a fading effect. I put stick on jewels on the flowers on the stamp in the center.

I went and got some storage draws today to put all my craft things in because they were spread out everywhere and just chucked in box
es. I now have draws for certain things so everything is easier to find. I love organizing things but it was a case of where do i start lol. It means i'm one step closer to getting things ready for my new craft room =D

It's amazing how much stuff i've got over such a short time. I can't wait for xmas, fingers are crossed for more things *hint hint* (mum and kirk).

College has been uneventful. There are some idiots who have been talking behind my back which has annoyed me, but they're just not worth it. I'm persevering with the dancing cos i love my singing and acting so much. I'm getting better with my singing so all is good.

Hoping to finish my cross stitch this week if i find time. Want to do some quick small ones and then start a big project.

Hope you're all well xxxx

Sunday, 21 September 2008

The 1st of Many (Hopefully)

Hey, This is my 1st blog so bare with me. I've always been bad at keeping diaries but hopefully I'll manage to do this.

I had my 1st week back at college, and apart from a
few aches and pains it went really well. I haven't really had time to make cards or do much cross stitching because I've been so tired after classes but hopefully as i get back into the routine I'll find time.

I have a few pics of cards I've made in the past b
ut unfortunately a lot of them I forgot to take pictures of before I sent them to a shop where they get sold. Hoping I will get into the habit more now I can display them on here.

This is the 1st card i did once i started back making cards. I made it in a class in a craft shop in Skegness (where i am originally from). The ladies were lovely and me and my mum had a real laugh. I love making cards and cross stitching with my mum. We also have a severe shopping addiction when it comes to craft shops and craft shows.

I made these to cards whilst visiting my mum. It helped get her back into card making when she realised that all the things i used came from her supplies lol.
The cards bellow i
made using a dog template i bought to experiment with. I've recently bought a cat template which is similar but I've not yet tried it.

The card to the left i made for my friends birthday. I was trying out a technique i found in a book. She loved it so it made it worth while. I found the beads were really fiddly. It was effective though so i think I'll try it again when i get more beads.

I've only recently started cross stitching so i don't have many pieces and half of those I've done have been sent to family members =) Below are just a few things i have done. The Creature comfort birds have been the biggest thing i have done so far but i have plenty of kits waiting to be started.

Thats all for now. Hopefully I'll have some new stuff to put up soon. Also hoping my next week at college goes ok. The toughest dance teacher is back which means my legs will ache sooooooo much!!!
Hope all is ok,

Love Katie xxx