Saturday, 26 September 2009


.....I forgot to say i also made a cross stitch keyring for my OH but i can't get a piccie cos it's on his bag which is with him at work.

I also forgot to tell you I have set up a shop online at where I'm hoping to sell some of my cards I make. I've only got a few cross stitch ones on atm but hopefully I will get around to adding my other cards on. If you want to check it out the web address is

love to you all xxxx

Sorry for the long absence


sorry i haven't been around much recently. I lost my camera for like a month and things have been mental with my new job. I have found some quiet time with my newly found camera to finally do an update =)

My new job is going really well. I've been there almost a month now and i love every second of it. I'm an animal nursing assistant and hopefully in about a year i will start my nursing training =)
I've seen some really amazing things whilst i've been there and already got some qualifications. Training is always fun when the reps bring us lunch lol. I love playing with the puppies and kittens but also with the older dogs, cats and rabbits. Watching surgery is amazing!! I even got to watch my own cat get spayed!! Below is a piccie of me and a giant cat that came in. It was beautiful and so friendly! There is also one of my cat Twix in her cone after surgery to stop her licking her wound!! But we bought her a tunnel to play in to make it up to her.

I haven't done much stitching recently as I've been wiped out after work. I managed to do a little card for my MIL as she loves owls.

I also have my TUSAL update. There isn't much in it so if anyone has any advice on how i can bulk mine up it'd be very much appriciated! There are threads in there from my giraffe WIP and all the mini kits i have done. There is also bits of Aida where i have cut them down to make into cards to sell =)

I also made my 1st skirt a few weeks ago and wore it to my interview for the job I now have =D
Please ignore how messy my hair is. I took this photo after i had just finished making it so i don't look my best.

That is all for now. Hope everyone is doing ok and i shall now rush off to do some stitching to make up for all the stuff i haven't done yet xxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Just a note to say....

I've been so busy since my birthday, not had much chance to stitch. I got a new job at a veterinary clinic which i love but keeps me busy =D
I haven't forgotten about my TUSL but my camera has disappeared for a bit so once i have relocated it i shall take a piccie. It's not very full atm.

I made my 1st skirt the other day so will add piccies once the camera is found lol.

Thats all i have time for now, i will do a proper update soon xxxx

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A Nice Lazy Week of Stitching

Hi All

It's been a very lazy week in the run up to my birthday. I'm going to alton towers on thursday and to leicester on friday for my brithday. My OH is going to do a treasure trail around leicester for me so I'm really excited.

I've kept going with my Giraffes. I'm loving doing it and can't wait to finish it and hang it in the bedroom.

This is where I'm at atm with it.

I've also done a card for my brother's parner, Claire, who loves gardening.

I hope she likes it. Wont find out for 2 weeks yet as she's on holiday on her birthday. Took me 1 evening to do the cross stitches and an hour to cut out the card to put them in and decorate it. There is more inside the card but I don't have a photo of that lol.

Thats all for this week. Hopefully I'll have some pics of my birthday next week and of my time spent back home after that.


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Back From Spain

Hey everyone, I'm back from sunny spain.

Had a brilliant time, fires just missed us, but am glad to be home. We were evacuated on the 2nd to last night as the fire came down the hill towards where we were but it burnt itself out before reaching us so we were very lucky. Thankyou to my mumsie who paid for us to stay out there. It really was a piece of paradise and we felt so relaxed.

I did 4 small projects whilst on holiday which is more than i thought i would do lol.
Some days it was too hot (42 degrees) to be outside so i used that time to stitch =D

This was a stitch I did for my aunty (whose apartment we stayed in) It matches the blue and yellow colour theme.

Above are the other little stitches I did. My OH has claimed all of them lol. It got a bit hard to sticth when i was out there due to the fan blowing everything off the table all the time and I didnt have enought things to weigh my bits down and if I did they annoyed me cos I had to take them off all the time.

This is my latest WIP. I wont say what it is as I have a guess what it is comp running on the cross stitching forum. I started it yesterday and did more than I thought I would. My OH also bought me a new lamp which is FAB!!!!! It sits on the table beside where I stitch and I can see so much better and stitch till a lot later =D

Thats all for now. Hope everyone is ok xxx

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Off On My Hols =D

Just a quick post to say I'm off to spain for 2 glorious weeks as my engagement pressie from my mumsie. It's my OH's 1st time abroad and on a plane so he keeps jumping around going 'We're gona be in spain this tim tomorrow wooooo' lol bless him.

Taking lots of small kits with me to cross stitch so hopefully I will get quite a bit done and make them all into cards once I am back.

Lost my stitchy bug with the penguin cards but they will be finished at some point lol.

Hope everyone is ok and I don't miss too much whilst I'm away on holiday

Be good =D xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 29 June 2009

A Small Update

Hey all

Not done a lot of stitching. I finished a small xmas penguin card but it's part of a set of 6 so i'm waiting till I've done all 6 to put photos up.

I've been going through all my magazines recently, cutting out charts and putting them into categories and then filing them (not my mother's daughter for nothing). Means I can see all the charts I have (literally hundreds) and if I'm looking for something specific then I can find it faster, rather than looking through all my mags. I think I'm going to stop buying kits (unless it's a really really good deal at a craft show) and buy a full set of threads and some material. Means I can work through some of my charts. I'd love to do enought to sell them at the Skegness Victorian xmas market. Cards and xstitches.

Did my acting class on my own again tonight (well i took the better half for support and to talk about mics to fill some time for me) and it went really well. Played games for the 1st hour then did script work with them for the 2nd hour.

Not done anything weddingy recently. Waiting till we've visited the venues and decided which we like. A lot of things could change. We may not like any of them and decide sod it, save the cash and have it in a marquee in the back garden (well not mine as I don't have one).

Thats all for now. Going horse riding tomorrow in my new jodphurs *does a lickle jump*

Hope you're all well xxxx

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I'm Back =D

After being a bad blogger for quite a while, I am back and trying to be good.

I have only recently got my card making bug back but my stitching bug has always been running around.

I don't go to college anymore so i have plenty of free time to be crafty until i find a job. My OH is as supportive as ever and loves my craft making so much that he has even offered to take me to a craft show!!! along with the wedding show he's going to take me to that makes me very happy but with a lot of money to save lol.

I've also gotten into making things like bags and clothes. I made my costume for the college easter show b4 i left which i was very proud of.

I may end up using this blog for more than archiving my crafts. I may also use it for ideas for the wedding that i really love that will inspire me to make things. Hopefully this time i will remember to keep this updated at least once a week.
Below are several images of the stuff i have been doing recently.

I made the cushion above for my grandma to go with the birdie cross stitch and the twins stitch was for my cousin who had twins. The cross stitch right at the top went to my grandma and grandad.

A Quick kit i got for 50p!!!!

Valentines day card for my OH

If you've made it this far, well done lol.
Below are some of the cards I have made recently

Well that's all for now. Thankyou for looking (if you made it this far lol).
Hope everyone if ok xxx