Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Back From Spain

Hey everyone, I'm back from sunny spain.

Had a brilliant time, fires just missed us, but am glad to be home. We were evacuated on the 2nd to last night as the fire came down the hill towards where we were but it burnt itself out before reaching us so we were very lucky. Thankyou to my mumsie who paid for us to stay out there. It really was a piece of paradise and we felt so relaxed.

I did 4 small projects whilst on holiday which is more than i thought i would do lol.
Some days it was too hot (42 degrees) to be outside so i used that time to stitch =D

This was a stitch I did for my aunty (whose apartment we stayed in) It matches the blue and yellow colour theme.

Above are the other little stitches I did. My OH has claimed all of them lol. It got a bit hard to sticth when i was out there due to the fan blowing everything off the table all the time and I didnt have enought things to weigh my bits down and if I did they annoyed me cos I had to take them off all the time.

This is my latest WIP. I wont say what it is as I have a guess what it is comp running on the cross stitching forum. I started it yesterday and did more than I thought I would. My OH also bought me a new lamp which is FAB!!!!! It sits on the table beside where I stitch and I can see so much better and stitch till a lot later =D

Thats all for now. Hope everyone is ok xxx

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