Saturday, 26 September 2009


.....I forgot to say i also made a cross stitch keyring for my OH but i can't get a piccie cos it's on his bag which is with him at work.

I also forgot to tell you I have set up a shop online at where I'm hoping to sell some of my cards I make. I've only got a few cross stitch ones on atm but hopefully I will get around to adding my other cards on. If you want to check it out the web address is

love to you all xxxx

Sorry for the long absence


sorry i haven't been around much recently. I lost my camera for like a month and things have been mental with my new job. I have found some quiet time with my newly found camera to finally do an update =)

My new job is going really well. I've been there almost a month now and i love every second of it. I'm an animal nursing assistant and hopefully in about a year i will start my nursing training =)
I've seen some really amazing things whilst i've been there and already got some qualifications. Training is always fun when the reps bring us lunch lol. I love playing with the puppies and kittens but also with the older dogs, cats and rabbits. Watching surgery is amazing!! I even got to watch my own cat get spayed!! Below is a piccie of me and a giant cat that came in. It was beautiful and so friendly! There is also one of my cat Twix in her cone after surgery to stop her licking her wound!! But we bought her a tunnel to play in to make it up to her.

I haven't done much stitching recently as I've been wiped out after work. I managed to do a little card for my MIL as she loves owls.

I also have my TUSAL update. There isn't much in it so if anyone has any advice on how i can bulk mine up it'd be very much appriciated! There are threads in there from my giraffe WIP and all the mini kits i have done. There is also bits of Aida where i have cut them down to make into cards to sell =)

I also made my 1st skirt a few weeks ago and wore it to my interview for the job I now have =D
Please ignore how messy my hair is. I took this photo after i had just finished making it so i don't look my best.

That is all for now. Hope everyone is doing ok and i shall now rush off to do some stitching to make up for all the stuff i haven't done yet xxxxxxxxxxx